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De Stern bij het NIOZ wordt vervangen door een nieuw schip (RV Adriaen Coenen):

--- Citaat ---Specifications
RV Stern is the smallest of our vessels, measuring 14.6 m in length and 4.2 m in width. She has two working winches and an A-frame with a total lifting capacity of 500 kg.

The Stern is equipped for day trips and is mainly used for transporting people and goods to and from the different research sites in the Wadden Sea.

More information on NIOZ's research vessels and fleet renewal on National Marine Facilities (NMF).

For technical specifications or other questions, you can contact Erica Koning, NMF Officer by email (preferred). You will get a response as soon as possible. In very urgent matters, you can contact  her by phone.

T +31 (0)222 369 441

RV Stern is mainly usedfor transporting people and goods

The Stern is equipped for day trips.

RV Adriaen Coenen
The seriously outdated Wadden Sea research and support vessel RV Stern was in urgent need of replacement. The RV Adriaen Coenen is expected to be delivered Spring 2022.

--- Einde van citaat ---

De stern ex zeehond was vandeweek nog op Terschelling


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